Why me?

Why me?

I'm experienced coach and facilitator with wide history of collaboration with diverse organisations. It doesn't matter if you are working for a corporation, startup, matrix organisation or public institution, I will support you in finding best way of work.

My resume includes:

10 years
as a creative director, author, art curator / hundreds of projects and leading cross-disciplinary teams
4 years as a coach and facilitator / hundreds hours of on-site and online trainings / sessions

Areas of competences:

→ Agile facilitator
→ Sociocracy facilitator
→ NVC practitioner and trainer
→ Action learning trainer
→ Restorative circles facilitator
→ Systemic consensing trainer
→ Self-organisation enthusiast and practitioner
→ PSM 1 certificate holder

What I offer you as individual?

Business coaching sessions focused on your strengths. I use TROP method based on learning by doing, development driven by values and system integration. Inspiring tools provides me also Co-active coaching. If you think about career development, job crafting, job change, I will be happy to accompany you in this transformation.

What I offer your team?

Setting the goals, defining roles and responsibilities, working on motivators, empowering with clear and friendly communication, learning how to address tensions and solve conflicts. You wonder how to define and measure psychological safety or team effectiveness? That's also part of what I can support you with.

What I offer your organisation?

Clarifying VMA (vision, mission, aims), developing agile mindset and crafting agile structures and practices.

Want to be in contact?

Check my social media: LI, IG, FB and let's connect!